Applicants for a research grant from the Department and Inserm-Region must report to the contest held in July by the ED .

For the choice of the subject the student will contact the supervisor is imperative .



Contest Eligibility

This procedure involves :
considering an application to send to the secretariat by 1st may  2017 - 12h00 .

1 -Application download 

2 -Prospective doctoral students who pass the contest ed bs can enter now electronically file their first entry by clicking the following link:   (supplied with the application for the competition).

 3 - request the secretariat to send you by mail (for those who pass the competition only and will be affiliated with a lab Nantes) the application to the doctoral contract that will be submitted with the office application 206 to UFR Medicine - 1, Rue Gaston Veil - BP 53508 - 2nd floor.

This file above , according to a template provided by the Graduate School , presented the university curriculum with ratings and rankings of M1 and M2 in the various stages of training.

The record must state the research training acquired by the applicant in the form of a brief summary
(maximum 2000 characters arial - 10 points , 1.5 spacing ) .


The records are reviewed by the Director of Graduate School . After this first step, the Director shall, depending on the quality of 
records and the adequacy of the training of candidates with the proposed topics , the list of candidates applying for a grant from the Ministry that may arise in the event oral held early July.
The selection of candidates for convening the hearing will be conducted by the jury's members of the ED 10 may 2017 on the basis of the quality of the curriculum of the students and its relevance to the thesis project selected .

Selected students will be interviewed on 29 et 30 may 2017.


The oral examination of 20 minutes
includes two parts:

  •     The first part ( 10 minutes ) consists of a presentation by the candidate of his studies and his work M2 (5min) and research (5 min) chosen by the candidate from the research projects proposed by the Graduate School


  •     The second part (10min) is devoted to questions from the jury .




Scoring will be based on the following scale :
Curriculum               M1                   M2
3                       5

Exp. Research Presentation M2

Research Project Presentation thesis project

Questions M2 + Project

total                          20

At the end of the eligibility tests , the Board of ED establishes the list of eligible candidates in order of merit.




A candidate is accepted by the Graduate School at the end of an agreement between the student and the supervisor. The validation of the Binomial "student / Supervisor " is final only after verification by the ED of the source of funding and staff ratios Director (which shall not exceed 3 per doctoral researcher HDR ) .

Finally, the student completes the admission procedure for her to enroll in his reporting institution (University of Nantes, Angers University and National Veterinary School of Nantes) according to the procedures defined at each site. ( How to Apply )